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Timothy Winey, Founder/Director of Torpedo Golf LLC

My experience with X-Factor Machine has been a Godsend. As an inventor with products in various stages of development, it has been next to impossible finding shops willing to workwith me on an ongoing basis. XF was almost clairvoyant in anticipating potentially costly production pitfalls. They even suggested, tested, and implemented much needed design changes. Their use of the latest design software allows them to seamlessly integrate what would otherwise be costly and time-consuming changes into their CNC production processes virtually on the fly. When XF was unhappy with a critical connector, they left no stone unturned to ensure it could not come loose. Their tenacity and dedication to perfection in all they do, led to the connector being re-designed, giving me 100% peace of mind about its functionality and solidifying my faith in XF as a true “partner in perfection!” XF went miles beyond the call of duty to understand every aspect of my product. From technical drawings, to prototyping, testing, coordinating with subcontractors, paint, assembly, sourcing materials, packaging, quality control, even designing from scratch an innovative engraving process. When I expressed frustration at not being able to squeeze my logo onto the putter heads, XF suggested a process I did not even consider possible, and with some tricky programming and a little experimentation, they were able to engrave my logo directly onto the complex curved surface of the Torpedo itself! This is only one of many examples separating XF from the all-too-common “shop” mentality that will only “machine to drawings,” shunning any responsibility beyond that point. XF are true partners in product development and are worth their weight in gold, especially when the finished product and production processes have not yet been finalized. As the winner of Golf Magazine’s 2007 Innovator Award, I needed a firm that would reflect my can-do philosophy and dedication to perfection, and I definitely met my match! I literally could not have launched my product on time, under budget and to such a high standard, were it not for XF’s unwavering dedication. As the old saying goes, “It takes one to know one,” and I know XF are true innovators!
I cannot recommend them too highly.


Timothy Winey