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CAD/CAM Integration

At X Factor Machine and Design we are proud to be leading the way by utilizing the most innovative and fully integrated CAD/CAM product available, TopSolid.


TopSolid Design

With TopSolid we can very effectively design components and tooling that are parametrically related design components as well as there respective CAM tool-path data. Unlike most shops we decided that either having a decent CAM package with a very week non parametric CAD side, or using two separate packages altogether was no longer an option with today's faced paced design changes and increasingly short lead times.Integrated design



TopSolid CAM

TopSolid'Cam was developed with manufacturing in mind and, more importantly, with manufacturing as the final result. TopSolid'Cam uses revolutionary technology to automate tool path creation with such features as automatically adjusting rapid planes to minimize rapid motion, to intelligent material removal techniques. Many CAM softwares on the market claim to be "solids-based". However, most of them are not. Most of them require you to copy or recreate profiles for simple geometry such as pockets or contours. What's more, they are asking you to provide the depth of the details that you are machining. What's Integrated design 2the point of using a solid model if you are recreating everything anyway? In TopSolid'Cam, you truly are machining on solids and leveraging the power of the 3D model.

In TopSolid'Cam, all you need to do is select the face that you want to machine. From there, TopSolid'Cam's revolutionarytopological analysis kicks in. It analyzes the model and suggeststhe best machining strategyfor you. The specific details of the area you are machining areautomatically calculated by TopSolid'Cam as well. With this revolutionary technology, you can save time and program more parts.

TopSolid'Cam (and the rest of the TopSolid product line) was developed with manufacturing as the end goal. The only way to have a truly integrated CAD and CAM system is to develop them simultaneously. This strategy of development makes it possible to have the tightest integration between CAD and CAM.


One of the greatest benefits of TopSolid CAM is it's ability tokeep and constant stock update in real time allowing the software to automatically set rapid planes and depth of cut crealting high quality efficient toolpath that save money. Rarely are mistakes made on parts on the machine since the can be seen immidiately and corrected on the computer. This not onlysaves scraping out work but save an enormous ammount of time to reprogram the part with a different approach



Download the TopSolid Design Brochure


Download the TopSolid'CAM Brochure