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CNC Capabilities

With part runs from 1 to 10,000, our combination of service, quality and on-time delivery we have built a solid base of satisfied customers by offering Multi axis CNC Milling and Turning. We have made it a goal not to become like allot of shops out there that offer both CNC Milling and Turning but really specialize at one and only offer the other because there customers demand it. We Cross train all of our employees on all the ins and outs of both disciplines and therefore can offer you truly expert service for whatever components you need machined and never have worry about having “the lathe guy” calling in sick and delaying the production of our customers parts.


CNC Milling

We have traditional 3 axis CNC vertical milling machines as a 4 axis Horizontal machining center that allow us to make many parts in two operations dramatically reducing, set up, cycle time and improving the relational accuracy of multi featured parts.


CNC Turning

We have a CNC Turning center with a live tooling and a tail stock for longer workpieces as well a 6 axis CNC Mill/Turn center that allows us to make parts complete in one cycle including milling and turning features on the both ends of the part. Click here for info on our machine tools.


We work aggressively to minimize cycle time and lower prices, through creative workholding and high speed machining techniques. Our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled engineers and operators quickly turn around the most demanding workpieces. We have years of experience ranging from sporting good segments to high end consumer products, military, and aerospace applications and devices


With continuous interaction throughout your project, you’ll be able to see your idea become a reality right before your eyes.