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Commitment to Service

We at X Factor Machine and Design understand that our customers are highly capable, intelligent providers of premium goods and services in varied industries, and as such they often bring a complex set of needs including aggressive time-lines, superior surface finishes, close tolerances, and complex geometry. We have built a powerful system to ensure that you receive prompt and efficient service that is second to non in the industry. A key to our continued success and growth is to focus on streamlining our process throughout all phases of design and manufacturing. This allows us to be responsive to design changes and quickly adapt to new requirements. Through our timely support, efficient systems and customer driven mindset, we hope to build relationships that will lower total production costs over the life cycle of your products.


Ongoing Investments

At X Factor Machine & Design we are proud to be an American company that is remaining competitive in the global market and is committed to investing a large percentage of our earnings into growth through investing in the latest technology in machine tools and software as well as investing in the future of our employees by providing them with continuous training with encouragement to move into higher paying positions. This will only continue to ensure our customers have access to top quality service and a deeper base of experience to draw upon as we grow to meet their needs.