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At X Factor Machine & Design our goal to make every customer a repeat customer. We are confident that you will agree that the quality of our workmanship is unparalleled. Many of our customers came to us looking for better quality after using other shops to machine their products. We don't measure quality exclusively by the drawing but by the overall cosmetic appearance of every part we make. We often will reject a part that has a small scratch or mark on it even if not required by print. Our guide is always to ask ourselves if we would be completely satisfied with our purchase if we were paying for the products we are shipping.


Outside Vendors

When outside vendors are needed for such things as anodize or painting we have a select few suppliers we will use primarily because few can hold to the quality standards we demand for our customers.



We take extra precautions in shipping product to make sure they are more than adequately protected during transit. A damaged component due to carelessness in packaging can cause unacceptable delays to remedy for the customer.